13 January 2007

Bad customers

I hate customers. Not all customers are bad but I hate customers. Most of them.
Because the way they overreact sometimes is just inconsiderate, rude, and honestly childish. Whenever there's a problem it's as if we (speaking from an organization's point of view) had killed one of their children.

I've come across those who make massive issues out of the tiniest matter, and those who make issues out of nothing at all. Although I haven't seen enough, I think I -have- seen enough. I think out of the 10 who lodge complaints, only 1 is a genuine AND reasonable complaint. Generally I just don't like being around people so where I'm working at right now is the wrong place to be.
When I greet them well, not hesitate to smile, and speak to them nicely, it's not too much to ask to just have them be nice back to me. Just be nice. Is that hard to do?

So you might not be happy with something... there is no need to scream, yell, or insult. A little understanding would be much appreciated too because - survey the situation - it might be a hectic time for us because of a large crowd, or because we're overworked we tend to make mistakes, or because you didn't make your request crystal clear we gave you the wrong service.
But there is no reason to be all pushy or sarcastic.

I'm so annoyed by questions like "How can you treat us this way?" Makes me wonder, treat you like what? And questions like "All your shows are sold out, huh? Why are they all sold out?".... uhh.. like there's anything we could do about the crowd?
And the questions keep going deeper and getting more and more personal when the problem is just on the surface. It's absurd. Waiting patiently as we work for it to be rectified is the best option, yet they keep blabbering.
But because I know that I can't just say Shut The Fuck Up, I might as well just keep smiling and not say anything until they are done yapping. But then again, some customers aren't happy with the fact that I let them speak by not interrupting. They say "Yeah, thanks for listening to me". They resolve to sarcasm.
So I talk to them, they butt in.
So I don't talk to them, they get offended.

Before you tell me not to take things personally, let me just tell you that I don't. I'm just so freaking annoyed. If there's one thing customer service taught me, it taught me to hate people even more.

I neither deal with nor help people who do not want to co-operate or are reckless with their words.

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  1. I never knew how unfriendly visitors at the science centre can be. That sucks.

    You know Ira, it's not too late for you to switch jobs. This can't be the only job worth your time.