03 December 2006

Taking note

That strong feeling of knowing that something was going to happen. It occurred today. And I thought I could never sense these things again.

3rd December 2006, early, in the middle of sleep:
I had a dream that this particular machine at work breaks down.

3rd December 2006, at work, 15:29 hrs:
That machine breaks down exactly the same way it did in my dream. So today I was just waiting for it to happen. Minutes before it happened I felt strange vibes through my body whenever I was reminded of this dream. Just like a warning. When it happened I found it amusing. But very weird.

I still can't tell the difference between a premonition and just an obvious concern.

It seems to happen so quickly - a warning, and immediately a similar occurance follows. It can happen anytime between 5 seconds and a couple of years after a warning. And a warning can be a dream or just an intuition that jumps out of nowhere and twists in my chest all of a sudden for no reason.

The strange thing is how there's just no chance to tell anyone about it. One way or the other life makes it the way that it just doesn't come out. But when it happens already and I tell someone: "Hey, I knew this was gonna happen", or "I dreamt of this exactly the way it is", it cannot be considered solid proof that I had sensed it. Like it's just not supposed to be known to anyone else but me.
And that's that. Otherwise it's just gonna sound like I'm crazy.

I'll mention it here if this happens again.
It's been too long since the last time it did.


  1. It's kinda like deja vu. I think it happened to me before too. When something happens, it felt like I had done it before, or I knew it was going to happen.

    Or maybe you just have ESP.

  2. No... I see dead people....
    *goes into seizure*

  3. Well as you know, I've had those kind of things a lot too... To be honest, it took me quite a time to have an experience like that again until last summer it all of a sudden happened to me again...

    And you know what I used to do? I wrote it down when I sensed something and when it happened I could read that I actually did sense it would happen... And when it happened I used to write under it that it did happen and how it happened. Maybe you should do that too, it's really a nice reminder of that you're not crazy at all hehe. (wow so many 'happens' in this sentence...)

    And I can understand that part that you can't see the differnce between concern and an actual premonition. I never can... but who knows when it'll come in handy.

  4. Ira: I see dead people.
    Aaron: While you're asleep?
    Ira: *shakes head
    Aaron: When you're awake?
    Ira: *nods
    Aaron: What do they look like?
    Ira: They look like the kakaks at my workplace.

  5. Damn.... haha.

    And thanks Nouky, for the tip. Sometimes I don't even have the chance to write it down because it happens so quickly.
    And today I had a deja vu. Funny that it's basically "remembering the future". Something that felt like I went through it before some months ago. But only that some months ago I was not where I was today.

    I like it when stuff like that happens. Keeps me fascinated for some reason.

  6. time to change your job to become a pro psyche?

  7. Haha. Like I'm not enough of a freak already.

  8. you might get better pay with less work, haha

  9. *just wants to be invisible*