11 December 2006

Falling on my knees

So much rain today. I can smile. Not because of the rain but because for a second today I wasn't burdened. Received some help from those little things hiding inside of me that lets me breathe and I know it. Although too faint for me to notice.

I am proof that happiness comes from what's inside of us.

I walked into a bookstore.
I heard a melody that touched me. No words.

I am proof that happiness exists even in the darkest times.

I walked into a toy store. I had $3 to spare.

And this little plactic thing, from this hour henceforth, shall break my concentration from life's cruel intentions.
Until it breaks apart from me or death take me.

I am proof that happiness too comes from within.
Wish I had some thing to talk to.


  1. Nice rubik cube, I always wanted one of those. It's kinda cheap in Singapore, I think it costs more over here.

    If you can't find something to talk to, would you settle for someone?

  2. Tom: Let me guess, you've never solved one before?

  3. I relate it to certain things.
    Puts patience to the test.
    But it's just a puzzle. I'll figure it out.