25 November 2006

Poem: Paper

Frail paper heart
I made them for you
They shape my fear
To perfect tune

Needle and hair
I've sewn myself to you

Angels like you
I try so hard
It's not enough
I can't catch up

You and your wings
You take distance so light
You and your wings
You take distance in flight, well

What about me
Come react to this
What about me

Changing your course
Making me feel you took
My pulse away
Took my breath away
Turned away

Needle and hair
I've sewn myself to you
My skin don't tear
Bleed I do


  1. Like.... WOW!

    Beautiful Ira...

    I'm speechless

  2. You speak of angels
    But I'm only a man
    For the longest time
    I've been your friend

    If you fall down
    I will catch you
    If you fall behind
    I won't leave you

    Please do not bleed
    Please do not despair
    If you are in need
    For you I will be there

    In your eyes you're just a girl
    But that's not who I see
    A sibling and an angel
    Is who you are to me

    (A very well-written poem, Ira. It's beautiful. And where is that music coming from?)

  3. how come i can see that youtube video on the site? :p

  4. Yelly. Because it's there.
    Was, rather.

    And Nouky, Aaron... thank you.
    I can still be so dramatic sometimes, huh? ;]