05 November 2006


Things aren't going so well. I don't feel so good. A little not so good. I don't need to check out Friendster or MySpace anymore. I don't need to look at profiles of people who won't stop going goo-goo, ga-ga, and giggles. I don't need this blog. I don't need my emails. I don't need MSN. I don't need the internet. I don't need drama. I don't need emotional things. I don't need society. I don't need music.

I need deafening silence.


  1. Okay, maybe you don't need all that. But you still need people, Ira. Don't give up on us yet.

  2. You're lying to yourself, and you know it.
    But denying is part of life.

  3. Hello iRA,

    I came accross your sight on my quest to find anything I can to deal with my mother in law's passive-aggressive behavior and pathetic sarcasm. I like what you have written..especially the part that says "don't let them get under your skin." I find myself playing mind games and "going to my happy place" just to block her poisonous tongue out of my happy reality. What do you do when a person makes it nearly impossible for you to ignore them? I'm not as concerned about making her happy as I am about my relationship with my husband. Her acting out eventually craps down onto my husband and she tries to play the victim and hopes that he will feel guilty. He doesn't (bless his heart) and this only fuels her fire. I fear that her behavior will eventually stink up our happy life. Thank God she lives in another state. Thanks for your thoughts. MD-USA

  4. Aaron, I think humans are social animals. So yes, we all need people. Well, more precisely: Friends.


    Tom, I agree to that too. Denial as a part of life. But sometimes the only way to make things happen is to make yourself believe that it's happening so it happens to you eventually.
    Though I don't really like lying to myself mainly because it's depressing.


    To Anonymous,
    Thanks for the read. Sometimes it's also helpful to know that there just are people like that in this world.
    But as long as you stand your ground (which I'm glad you and your husband are), nothing can come in between. Fear could get the best of you too if you allow it. So don't let it. Easy to say but it's also actually as simple as that.
    It is, after all, your life.
    All the best.