17 November 2006

Art: Charcoal

When I couldn't find my Staedtler pencils I resorted to the charcoal 'sticks' I have left untouched. I never really used charcoal because I couldn't find them in different shades. But it turns out that even though they come in one flat shade - pure black - shading's still possible. It's just that fine lines can be tricky because of how fast it goes blunt. But maybe I should get charcoal in different thickness rather than in different shades. I've seen flawless, picture-perfect charcoal drawings of statues, faces and figures that took weeks to complete. But the outcome was worth it.

I might work on portraits again. It's just what makes sense to me as the only thing that I'm good at. Might as well stick to it.
But you know me... as my mum said: "The problem with you is that YOU GIVE UP. So nobody can help you with that."

Thanks. That's very encouraging.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Ira that's really beautiful... I really like it. It's really talking...

    And since when did you give up? You know better!

    Keep that drawing thing going.

    X Anouk