16 October 2006

Thoughts before I sleep

These are the thoughts that goes through my head lately:

- learn how to sew
- imagine being a flight attendant
- see him again
- make a published compilation (a book)
- get back interest in drawing
- fall out of faith
- sleep enough
- get ready on time
- be on time
- stay away from happy people (because I feel intimidated. just an attitude problem. and I admit I need an attitude adjustment.)
- go vegetarian
- stay out of the sun
- photography
- do something about dry hair [make it black(er), maybe a different kind of cut the goes with my ginormous face]
- money
- suicide
- be thankful
- God
- be sober
- mother
- open mind
- honesty
- jealousy
- be good enough
- don't take things personally
- don't take things too seriously
- write letters
- keep working
- read
- think (like a person in the right mind)
- stay strong
- breathe
- drive
- heal
- relax

Some of these thoughts have one thing in common:
Not gonna happen.

Okay -now- I can sleep.

1 comment:

  1. I count 15 things that I think of also from your list. But Ira, you do need to chill and not worry so much. I feel better when you do.