17 October 2006

That don't bother me

Third postie of the day. I made one mistake today and I had no idea how to make up for it. It was work related and I know I shouldn't be too indulged in reading or feeling so 'at home' when I'm not at home. I won't be so lucky next time. Maybe the supervisor will come yelling at me coz sometimes I just don't... react? Yeah. I felt bad for a moment coz I know: I can just be so stupid. *beats forehead*

I want to sleep, damn it.


  1. if you're just beating your forehead, that kinda shows it's not that serious.
    now, if you thought about quitting right away without your pay, then we have a problem

  2. You're not stupid, Ira. Everyone has their bad days at work. That's what makes it interesting sometimes. You can learn really useful and useless stuff at the same time.

  3. No it's not serious. I make a big deal of small things. Sometimes you just have to be grumpy and be proud of it.

    I know I'm not stupid. People just make me feel that way sometimes. People and situations. But sometimes it's also just me.

    But yup. No problem(s).

  4. venting is good. it is really really good