17 October 2006

Not all who wander are lost

Second post of the day. What a surprise that I have so much to talk about. I've been reading one of the works of Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason, and it's a great book. Maybe I'm also glad that I found it in the first place. It gives me a good view of... things. Stops me from getting a panic attack at least. I'm still keeping opinions to myself though, I believe that I should be finding out more about religion itself (not God, just religion) without judgement. I can't believe I have to rewind and start over, it seems like that's what I'm doing. Though it's interesting to me. The old testament, the new testament, the final testament - all shall be read. So I will read this book again until it's inside my head and at the same time stick to what feels right to me for the time being.

Time for work.
*sigh* Tired...

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