13 October 2006

13th and my day it is

Currently in the wait for my copy of Evanescence's The Open Door. I can expect it to arrive in the mail early next week. Excited :)

So it's been the fasting month lately. Every year it gets less interesting, especially the part where people celebrate in the end. There'd be too much food, too many gatherings, too many new things, too much noise. Depressing. And... my sleeping patterns are even more all-screwed-up. My mum hates waking me up at like 5 in the morning when most of the time I just won't wake up. Then when she screams I'd start shush-ing her, and then I get a heart attack.
But maybe things are also looking up. I feel like I fit in working in the front-line industry. Never thought I would, really, because of the public/crowd, the way I can't always explain things clearly (it's embarrassing), and the whole friendly thing. It's not normal.

Hm, it sucks that I have to be 21 to open an account with an online broker. The advantage is that I have the time to secure my budget while I wait, but the disadvantage is that time is wasted. But well, I guess waiting makes sense, and so does setting expectations down to zero. I still have some things left to learn like reading stock charts. And I like the idea of investing in a particular market index for long-term investment, and benefiting from constant dividends over time. Buying shares from a particular company works for short-term profit-making, so... yeah. I probably lost you there, but just thinking out loud.

So things are going well for me. I guess.
Or maybe it's just coz it's the 13th and I feel like it's my day.
Time to draw.

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