03 October 2006

Strange Guy

I almost killed a guy.

This stranger was walking not 15 steps ahead of me. Dark complexion, my height, minding his own business. Turned out that he stays at the same flat as me. He got to the lift lobby first but none of the two elevators were open, so by the time I got there I had to wait too. So we both waited for the elevator.
The elevator, however, is my evil twin.
(Baby if you're reading this, you would know what I mean by 'almost killed the guy'.)

So when I went into the lift first he didn't seem like he wanted to get in. I looked at him making this are-you-coming look on my face, but he looked at me like he saw a ghost (?). So he went in anyway and I asked "Which floor?" coz I was gonna press the respective button for him.
He said "six". So I hit 6.
Then he mumbled something else immediately and I didn't hear what he said. Didn't think I should respond either.
When I got off at the 4th level I walked out quickly and let my finger go of the "Door Open" button. Then the funniest thing happened. I heard metal clashing and I thought 'wow.. what the hell' but at the same time I kept walking. Only to realize two seconds later that the doors had closed on him because he also intended to get off at the 4th level.

So what he mumbled must've been "sorry... four" after he said "six" when I asked him which floor was he going to. I came home and still trying to stop laughing.

// Edit 20:33pm //
In addition, reading the papers today I found many interesting articles about Germany considering that it's her day today.

Two of the many best wishes :)


  1. mmm, how is that funny anyway. what would be funny could be that guy is squashed by the lift doors

  2. He was.. squashed. Kinda squashed. But yeah.
    Reminds me about what's in the news recently about this bus in HK who drove quite a distance with a guy pinned underneath it. And it left a bloody trail on the road.
    Poor thing died in so much pain. :S

  3. That was just 2 days ago, I think. People do so much just to escape mainland.
    He really should have waited until the bus is at the terminal.

  4. How far did they get before realising there was someone there under the bus?

  5. Not sure. I guess from Nathan Street to this MTR station that's walking distance from the hotel I stayed in when I was there. I don't know how to spell the name, hehe.
    I'm not sure but I'm sure it was quite a distance.

  6. 95meters
    the 60 yo mainland dude got like grinded to pulp, sorry for discriptive language