10 September 2006

Art: Stark Corner

Feast on scraps.
Observe how obvious it is that I have no mood to be creative. (What does creative even mean.) Well this is stark corner. A niche and a place suited for someone. If you're in a crowded room somewhere in the middle of it, you always get pushed around. But if you find a corner and lean against it, what you see is what you get. You feel safe with your back against the wall. You don't need eyes at the back of your head to watch for danger. You feel safe because you've found a place that suits you.
Just don't face the wrong direction.

Earlier I was considering to put myself through another phase of what I call Discard Therapy where I gather what I feel isn't worth keeping - at that moment - and throwing them away. Feels good to get rid of things that you no longer need whether it's something physical, virtual, mental, spiritual. It's hitting delete for good. But not for me this time because I had done it before and one of the things that mean alot to me that I have left are my journals. They stand the test of time meaning alot to me, but perhaps not for long. We will see.
Why do I always 'shut down' completely when situations get out of hand? Why can't I just say what I think? Not knowing. Non capisco. It's as good as being a mute. I still needed someone to talk to nonetheless, even though I couldn't say anything.

Lend me your ears?


  1. how far away is the cloest cave?

  2. Closest cave? Miles away. In another country maybe Malaysia. I've been to one in Indonesia. Very inhabitable.
    Why did you mention?