07 September 2006

July through August

Ask me 'Where'd you been all the while'
Where had I left my words behind
Say 'Leave your thoughts instead' to me
Let them in the dreams and imaginary
Tell me 'I'm listening and I'm ready'
Nobody heard
Surround me make-believe
intellectual imaginative play
Did you miss me?

So many things happened. Late July was something new. August was beautiful. And it's the 8th again. 14 months and counting. I don't have to describe what it feels like to have someone in your life to hold dear, how he is real, present, alive, existing. Not a dream. Who would've thought? I don't have to feel like I'm over the moon to realize how it fills me in completely. Sometimes fear of uncertainties don't even deprive me of the courage to face them eventually.
That's how much an angel he is to me.

I won't mention my dailies here. Much. Just the same old same. Chances are I'd refuse to talk about getting a job, doing that job, yada yada, housework, sisters, how weird this world is, bla bla bla, dreams, wishes, pasts and futures, anything that's just obviously always been and always will be, to some point, depressing to me. No more journal-related thingies. Therefore you don't have to feel sorry for me because it's unhealthy.

Happily willing to mess up my sleeping patterns, I'm working on artworks again. Definitely drawings, paintings, the like. Poetry, maybe. But songwriting doesn't work for me. I'll leave that to the musically blessed. But whatever you do best in, be the best at it that you can be.

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