13 September 2006

Art: 114 Beats Per Minute

Is that normal to wake up to every morning for a week? Like you just ran 10 times around the track in a stadium. It's not really slowing down after... hm... 3 hours now, pretty irregular. My rib cage is aching.

Listening to Kate Bush at the moment. I like to listen to her at night since it's calming in a way, but I need to breathe, now, in the middle of the day. Have you heard Shayne Ward's 'No Promises'? Sweet song. I don't listen to poppy stuff this time around but when the music is what I can appreciate, I get into it just as much as I'm into weird music like Industrial and Electri.. co.. tronic.. nica.. whatever.

I need chocolate.

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  1. i think i sai the cave comment cause i was thinking of going there o take a break from it all