15 June 2006

Damn Not Given

A sudden blast of updates on Stark Corner.
Get the pattern: when I talk too much then something's either not right or something's going very, very well.
Yesterday I had to put up with other people's shit, but today I get to be gentle with myself. Why? I don't know. Just because.

(Borderline Personality Disorder.)

So I woke up today much earlier than I did the days before. I started thinking "Yes, I'm going to be early today". I got out of the shower and suddenly I found myself unable to decide what to wear again. Why? Because what people said about what I wear came back to me for a moment and I was trying to decide if I should wear something 'lively' or just pull over my black turtleneck top and jeans. First I tried on something... bright. A few seconds of looking at myself in the mirror made me rip everything off me like my clothes are on fire. (Yeah I know... Issues.)
Then I thought "To hell with everyone else!"... and guess what? I picked out what I wanted to wear and managed to get through the day.
Haha. Amusing.

But all of that (plus getting ready) took so long that - you guessed it - I was late again. I could blame the train for stopping in the middle of the track, I could blame my alarm clock, I could blame the weather... but seriously... it's just me. I don't think I shouldn't be allowed to learn from my mistakes (the hard way if that's what it takes to make me know how to organize myself and think better).

At work one of my colleagues he sighed and said "Black again... wear something else!". I looked at him and smiled. I think when he mentions something about me next time that gets on my nerves, I will not hesitate to hit him with his own shoe.

Anyway... I have some things to appreciate. And a special someone to be thankful for. And some other plans to look forward to.
Hah. Another bad day wasn't bad enough to kill me. I win.


  1. bb guns are dangerous, if you get the right type. metal bb, not plastic ones
    my friends are planning to shoot at Thing 1 from Cats in the Hat next week during camping just for fun.

  2. I can't sleep.
    Give me your bb gun.

  3. i don't have one, i just use my friend's