09 June 2006

Worried about driving

I have to decide now if I'm going to drive to work tomorrow. It still feels too awkward. And to do it alone? What if I get stuck in the middle of the highway (which I've never drove on) or not really knowing the way to work? Embarrassing stuff. No need to mention the fact that I still have to get used to my mum's car. But if I decide to drive then that would take a lot of guts. That also means I'd have to leave very early so there's lesser traffic than the already less traffic on weekends. Well we'll see. I'm just not really sure about it, but I know that I should or else I'll forget how to drive... which then wouldn't serve the purpose of me getting my licence in the first place.

Moving on. Strange to say that now I kinda feel satisfied and empty at the same time, like something's missing. Withdrawn from me perhaps. I wonder what it could be. But I think something must've changed, whatever it is. "Alive" doesn't quite describe it. I'm should go to sleep before I start giving myself nightmares.

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