26 May 2006

I'm a licensed driver

I was almost attacked by crows during my walk home. I wanted to run but I watched them swoop down at me threatening to tear my hair off. Mischievous black birds. I strangely like them.

This is a peculiar feeling right now. Maybe it's intimidation. But I know... it's just my chemically imbalanced brain causing my thoughts and perceptions to swerve in every possible direction which contributes to a bad attitude.
But I can shake this off. It's just a phase. (and my taking-it-too-seriously habit)

Moving on... I've gotten my driver's licence finally. Something to feel good about at least.
I'll remember the experience.

But now. Now I just want to sleep. I wish I didn't have work on a Saturday. Can't really look forward to the weekend since it doesn't even feel like one.

But hey, I'm good.

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