23 May 2006

Dealing with tough emotions

Now I can accept rejection and I can accept humiliation. The question is, do I know how to dodge the 'bullets' now or do I already have too many holes in my body to feel anything? Because whichever it is I know for sure that my skin's not seven layers thick. Never was, never will be.

I just want to be better off... something. This something is what I've been wondering what it is. Better off rotting at home crying myself to death? Or better off struggling to find ways of how to get done the things I enjoy doing? Nine and a half out of the ten things I do are the things I come to dislike as soon as I get involved with them. Or maybe a part of me is still stuck to the fact that I'm still full of angst, naivety - lack of sophistication and wordliness, depression and paranoia.

Forget it.
I'm taking things too seriously.

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