05 May 2006

The man who tried to hit on me over the phone

My first 'interesting' phonecall at work today was with a man who spoke with an Irish accent (cute, haha) - or Scottish, I don't know.

*Phone rings*
Me: E.M.S., good afternoon.

Caller: Hello, am I calling Engineering & Marine?
Me: Yes that's right.

Caller: May I speak to Mr. Steven Lee please?
Me: Mr. Lee is not in his office at the moment, may I know who's calling?

Caller: I'm a friend of his (*mumbles his name*). Do you know if he's coming back anytime soon?
Me: I'm not sure of that, but if it's urgent you could reach him on his mobile phone.

Caller: It's okay, I will call him directly. I'm at the airport now actually.
Me: Do you have his number? Or should I inform him to call you back a.s.a.p.?

Caller: I have his number. Is it convenient to call him at this time?
Me: I'm sure. You could just give him a call.

Caller: Yes, alright. May I have your name, please? Who am I speaking to?
Me: I'm Ira.

Caller: Ira, that's a nice name. You're doing your job very well, I really appreciate it. If I were your boss I would increase your salary.
Me: (*thinking where the hell is this going all of a sudden*) Thank you.

Caller: What are you doing tomorrow? It's a Saturday, do you have plans?
Me: Yes I will be busy

Caller: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: (*feels like hanging up the phone*) Yes I do

Caller: Aw you're breaking my heart
Me: ....

Caller: Alright then I wish you good luck with your job and your love life.
Me: You too

Caller: Take care
Me: (*shoves the receiver back into place*)

I was flattered. But damn.. somebody help me. That was freaky.

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  1. Greatest Convo Ever.

    You got hit on over the phone. Great!