06 April 2006

It stars with a banana

Hi world. I faced you. Happy now?

Who cares to know what it was like for me today? It all started with a banana. That was breakfast. I woke up at 6:25am and left for work at 7am. The train was super packed. That was a sight I haven't seen and a situation I've never been in in a terribly long time. Then I had to wait for the bus at the bus interchange. I had no idea the line was as long as... forever. I had to wait for the second (double-decked, unairconditioned) bus to get to work.
When I was on the bus it was super packed too. A sight I've never seen and a situation I haven't been in in a terribly long time. I was 30 minutes late for work because the bus was so slow and my bus stop was the last stop in the whole of the bus's humble journey.
Well done, Ira. It took 20 minutes the last time my mum drived me to that area, but it takes an hour and 30 minutes to get there by means of public transport.

The first thing I had to do when I got there was meet everybody. It was okay. Only one person said "hey! welcome welcome! good luck to you". That wasn't so bad. After all the information overload, I had to take my duties in my hands. I was nervous and was just ready to fall sick. Well, you know, the same kind of nausaea, the same type of chills, the same sort of racing heart. Typical of me when I'm put in a situation where I could actually make mistakes.
The first mistake today was... I was supposed to type this document from a handwritten draft. What I saw was "soundblasted" when the actual word is "sandblasted". It was funny when I visualize it. What's "soundblasted" anyway...
And some other typos follow. I'm human therefore I err.

Then time goes by so slowly. Being 'idle' for so long damages the kind of person you turn out to be if nothing is done about it. Now that I'm really sick of being such a wuss, I'm gonna make myself change coz no one's gonna do that for me. This is bootcamp. This is intensive attitude adjustment.
This is war.

The people at work are nice to me too - but but but - I'm not going to be so emotionally attached to anyone. But then again, nobody really cares. I'm always gonna have... me. So then it was lunchtime and I had a slice of honeydew and a chocolate bun, and too much water. Luckily the office has a clean bathroom.
I don't think mentioning the rest of the day would be worth my time so fast forward to 5pm and it's time to go home. Four of us got a lift to the nearest train station in one of my colleague's car. We almost got into an accident with a bus at a junction. Almost. But Owen was a good driver and he swerved like hell. I hit my head against the window with the loudest 'blunk' sound ever but everyone was okay. Just a clumsy moment (and a stupid bus driver).

Finally I was home.. the journey only took half an hour. My mind was just screaming in agony coz it's pulling me towards procrastination and withdrawal again. But no. Not now. Or ever. I'm going to kill this useless side of me. Like it or not.

But now... now I feel a fever coming.
Yes I am having a long day and my days will be long in the next 3 months. I'm gonna do this for him, for us, and of course for myself. I don't suppose I have any other purpose in life... thus far.


  1. You had a slice of honeydew for lunch? I wish I could do that :P

    Was today your first day at work ?

  2. Yeah it was..
    Freaky. Haha.

  3. so, still think you have a fever?

  4. No thinking. I'm good.
    Hey Tom, doesn't xanga allow anonymous commenting (on your blog)?

  5. unfortunately, it doesn't, that's why i'm actually starting to think i should just give you and michael my livejournal page so you two can comment there, but i've been too lazy to double post there :p
    and sometimes, i might post private postings too, so that's another problem with xanga. you two won't be able to read those, even though i wouldn't mind it if you do

  6. Hm...I would have commented on several blog entries already,but it's too bad it's not possible.

  7. why on earth is mike replying to me here. strange

  8. hello ira!!~ Ouh.. U got a job dah?? Congrats!!! Hehe.. Have a great weekends!!~

    Anyway.. Wish you the best of luck and welcomes u to the world of working... :)

  9. Then it's okay Tom. But you have to know that Mike and I reads your stuff.

    @Imah: Yeah I got a job, lol.
    Working life is definitely not a joke. *sighs* But thank you!

  10. oh, i know that, i mean, i see the links on both pages, and i have a tracker setted up to see who visits it anyway.
    and so far, combined, i think you two have been on my page for at least 40 times :p