27 April 2006

"angels 30" - wish I was up there

I keep looking at the sky when the clouds don't blanket every corner of it. And then I'd wish I was up there - 30 thousand feet - where it's quiet and cold and away from things. Just air and me. It's that good feeling of not knowing how high up you are or how long it's gonna take to get back to earth, and it's an exciting mystery whether you're gonna just fall and die or get your feet gently back on the ground.

It's like having a secret nobody else knows.


  1. actually, you don't want to be up there.
    there's where planes fly around, at that height

  2. Good point.
    Can I be in one of those planes instead? :]

  3. and destroy the ozone layer? :p
    i like to fly myself, hehe