14 March 2006

Poem: Wishing Well

Let's not make wishes and hope for them to come true. Let's make them go away instead. Say "I wish.."

I wish
to love the way I am
to be loved in return
for the strength to get up when I fall
for the courage to walk alone

I wish
the reason I cry is because pain couldn't kill me
the reason I get angry is because patience is holding me back
my mistakes make me a better person
my ignorance make me aware of the littlest things

I wish
when nobody understands is because it's a secret between God and me
when at night I couldn't sleep is because I lie in peace
my fears are there to keep me safe
my hopes are there to guide me

I wish
the heat devours me so I keep longing for the cold
to receive all I never asked for to have something to hold
I knew how to steal the pain from whom I love with all of me
conversations with myself didn't keep my sanity

I wish
to smile and not cry alone
I was lost for always looking for my way home
the stars I see deprive me of jealousy
I wasn't found hiding where I want to be

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