20 March 2006

How to stay cool in the heat

I swear I've forgotten what cold feels like. Wish I could fit into The Fridge that's still working until today, after 20 years. I'm too big for that now. But I bet it would save my life. I could just feel my body being dehydrated at breakneck speed as I type.
As you read.

I drove like I was drunk today. Not that I've ever been drunk. But that describes it. I suppose that driving once every two weeks for a learner isn't frequent enough. My hand-eye coordination went back to zero and for a moment I forgot what's the purpose of the clutch. Then I did try to change gears, change lanes, slow down, and u-turn at the same time. Also I managed to move off from a steep upward slope but afterwards the car went in every possible direction because I found myself trying to figure out where the hell is 'straight' on the steering wheel.

My instructor obviously had that what-happened-to-you look on his face. He said I was good but was just ready to take it back at that moment. It would've been fine with me. I wasn't disturbed in any way, I was just forgetful. But it's also his last-minute instructions that make me panic just a little. Well I did wonder why I had to go to the extreme left lane on a three-lane road when I had to make a right turn ahead like 300 metres away, which means I had to go back to the extreme right lane, two lanes away.
Funny. So just imagine me doing a zig-zag on the three-lane road. The thing is I'm not worried about my safety, I'm worried about his car. It's crisp and brand new. I don't think I should be driving a smooth, sleek car in a zig-zag manner on a big busy road.
But take note, I did not hit the mother and child who just came out from nowhere and crossed in front of me on a quiet street. See, I may be forgetful but I'm not stupid. Everytime that happens I feel like a hero. (^_^)

Back to now. I figured out some ways to stay cool.

  1. Shower (in cold water) at least 3 times a day.
  2. Go swimming every week after sunset.
  3. Walk around the neighbourhood at 5 in the morning.
  4. Drink plenty of cool water (courtesy of The Fridge). Never leave home without a bottle of water.
  5. Eat fruits with loads of juice in them (watermelon, oranges, etc).
  6. Apply sunblock. Not sunscreen. Yes, even indoors.
  7. Expose as little skin to the sun as possible when you're outside.
  8. Wear clothes that are comfortable, breatheable, and light.
  9. And for the record, stay indoors (or sheltered at least) when the sun is at its hottest point.

It's still hot. Fans and air-conditioners are no use here. We need a blizzard.

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