30 March 2006

Somebody, explain.

Is it just me or does everybody just.. not get me today? Or whenever for that matter.

Hm.. I watched Criss Angel earlier. Last episode. Ugh.. despair. Anyway I'm fascinated by the way he reads minds. Telepathy, that's the word. He receives thoughts exceptionally well. Reminds me of what it was like for me when senses went crazy. Been awhile since anything ESP happened to me. It's just been crazy I guess. But I'd like to figure out how he does it. Just how it's all done.

I feel like hitting something.

Can't sleep.


  1. Criss Angel is so hot.

    I know that's not the response you were expecting, but it was necessary :P

  2. have you try banging you head against the pillow? it's not bad :p

  3. @Suzy: I wouldn't disagree. Haha.

    @Tom: Tried that. I need like.. a punching bag or something. Lol.