13 February 2006

Art: Strange Relationship

This was done about two weeks ago. I don't always know what my drawings or paintings mean, but it's why I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

This has to do with one-way relationships - a person's pleasure and the other's pain. What's strange was that it was what kinda happened in the last two weeks just a few days after the painting was finished. It's been the craziest two weeks. Like a freak accident of some sort. But let's not go there. Things are turning out much better this time around.
Anyway I had lots of remaining poster paints (and still do) , they aren't the best type to use for painting so I'm just going to use them up before I get acryllic ones. I might put up some older artworks since it might also take awhile until there's something new.

And to mention a few things I cooked:
- Macaroni baked with meat
- Apple and cinnamon oatmeal
- Fish with tons of chilli
- Peach pudding, with cococut milk (will try a mango version next time)
- and a few other traditional asian dishes
Just the few I can remember.

So now it's time for dinner. No cooking for today since I work now. Ah yes, work, I didn't mention that. It isn't all worth mentioning. Just hoping to move on to a better one in a month or so.