01 February 2006

Start of something good

Looking for a job is like looking for one of those important things that was misplaced that will eventually show up when you're not looking for it anymore. It makes me feel useless and bored.
But I have a job anyway. I seem to always get a 'job'. I made a big agreement with mum today, she said that she will do 90% of the housework if I will do the cooking everyday.
I cook every now and then but not everyday. So this means that I get to experiment with anything and everything. And I'd have to go to department stores to get stuff. They could be my new 'libraries' now. Finally there's somewhere else to wander aimlessly in (that won't suffocate me). The only challenge is to deal with my bad procrastination and self-destruction habits. So that's something to look forward to.
Ira the Cook.

Besides that there are other things that are starting to take shape. Very good shape.
Good things never lasted this long. How strange.
And this blog has to change too. Let me just think about it.
Cooking. Photography. Art.
Maybe little bit of my everyday complaints would do. :)


  1. so, cooked anything interesting?

  2. Yup. The frustrating part is when it doesn't turn out the way it's suppose to. But cooking's much better than instant noodles and basic war food. :D