27 January 2006

Art: Wrong Questions

Another week passes. Another day. Another choice to make between 'It's the same thing everyday, be miserable' and 'Break all the rules, be free'. Which would you choose if you were me? Why? How would you know it's a wise choice? Would you keep it to yourself? Would you share it? Does it even matter whichever you choose?
I'm beating around the bush again.

What if I had trained to be a figure skater? What if I didn't give up swimming lesson after 4 years of it? What if I hadn't gone to a religious school and wasted 9 years of my life? What if I had the chance to attend one, just one, formal art training? What if I went to art school instead of business school? What if I had gone to the option trading seminar? What would I have done by now if I hadn't been afraid?
Or maybe I expected too much without being realistic. And I'm still asking the wrong questions.

They say learn from the past, and live in the present. I still have one foot in the past. Too disturbing to forget, but also too disturbing to think about. I could turn things around and be afraid of running away instead, but should I care what people think of me? I already know that I'll hear more of "But you have to realize that it's not possible".

Okay forget it. I need a cold shower.


  1. a warm shower is better

  2. Thanks Tom..
    Although it's always warm here.

  3. mm, that is true
    even when i was in Hong Kong, i liked a cold shower too :p