08 January 2006

Art / Killer Potatoes

Listening to "My December" at the moment and this is the image that came to mind. A tree. Snow-covered tree. Wonder if I'll ever see one.
So much of thought put into how much I'm missing out on nature that what might come as nothing to you is a treasured moment for me. I guess this is what it's like to see my life from childhood to now fly by literally in such a short period of time. There's nothing to regret and I'm fortunate to have been brought up in a good way. It's just the heartache due to the absence of nature - here - that I can't seem to get rid of. It's just sad, that's all.
(wow, talking about being all sensitive..)

My mum's been very... dyslexic yesterday. She's been bossy lately but now she's all laughter. I find it hilarious how she mixes up her words and pronounciations sometimes. At the grocery store a week ago she wanted to find some potatoes and this poison thingy that kills cockroaches. She was supposed say "Where's that cockroach killer thing?" but ended up saying "I wonder where are the killer potatoes". For a moment I was wondering what on earth was she trying to say because I've never heard of killer potatoes.
During dinner last night she was having some yoghurt and wanted to say that she likes the one with "Nata De Coco" in it. Somekind of jelly. But instead she said, "I like the one with Nato De Caca in it". She said it as if she was so sure until I corrected her with "You mean nata de coco." My sister and I couldn't do anything but laugh like crazy, and she couldn't help it too.
Then I reminded her of the times she said "Hoobasbank" instead of Hoobastank, and "Pratt Bid" instead of Brad Pitt. The room fell silent for like 3 minutes, and then she giggled and everyone went hysterical again.
Her excuse for all that: "How am I supposed to know? I just say what comes to mind."
Funny in her own way.

This morning I'm in a good mood. Despite my state of sleep-deprivation. If I don't sleep at night, I will fall asleep during the day. If I sleep, I won't wake up until it's sunset and I would feel like I've wasted too much time.
I wish for that.

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