17 January 2006


I saw my family leave for another country but I was left behind. I went away to find a place to eat at and came to a strange house. I was met with two immortals. They were vampires. Handsome vampires. Tall and lean and magnificient in stature. They allowed me into their homes and gave me beautiful clothes to wear. The clothes I've always wanted to wear. A beautiful black dress and velvet boots that kept my feet warm. They wanted me to go through some kind of a test. And so I did. But I wasn't afraid.

They left me alone in one part of the house, insisting that I venture around myself into its deepest part. If I make it out alive, they will accept me as a friend, almost as one of them. If I don't then I would be left to die. I remember dark hallways, and flames burning from torches, and the smell of age and death. I saw many things which I can't remember now. Strange artifacts. There were noises though I never knew what made those mourning sounds. I was fascinated by the exploration. I went into the last room that I was supposed to go to and stood at a corner as if I was waiting to see what was going to happen.

The feeling inside was excitement. Then I saw a young man walk into the room and he looked as if he had seen a ghost. He was talking to himself, giving himself every last bit of courage he could manage. What was in that room was something like a strange, wet statue of a snake. He touched it and hastily made his way out. At the doorway I saw a bony arm outstretched with three long and sharp claws at its end. A foot long at least. They had pierced him in the abdomen and out through his back. The young man was killed, but not before suffering. The creature took his body away and then there were silence. For a moment I felt fear, but I wanted to get out as quickly as possible. I made my way quietly and managed to escape.

The two immortals were seated on their comfortable chairs in the living room and noticed that I had made it out alive. I approached them and said how that was an interesting experience. One of them took my hand and embraced me. I felt his cold cheeks. The other did the same.
As I left the house they watched me go. But I didn't wake up. Not instantly.


  1. These dreams always make me wonder about your "dark side". Hm... So what does it mean?

  2. It has to do with fear. But I was the one who was watching it consume someone else, instead of me.
    'Embrace Fear', that was what's written all over.