11 November 2005

Time Capsule

I can feel sweat trickle down on my scalp. It feels like something's creeping in your hair. So I miss the winter. I haven't really met it yet but I miss it still. It hasn't been easy to fall asleep these days. I just thought I should sit in the car with the airconditioning on. Even fake cool air is no match to the heat, let alone the fan that only blows more warm air around. I looked mad today and mum said that there was something wrong with my body temperature. Of course there's something wrong with my body temperature. One more notch up the thermometer and there will also be something wrong with my brain.

On with the purpose of this entry.
I looked through some of my (a little bit) old stuff. Back to when I was between 10 and 15. It's funny to think of what I used to be so crazy about then. This is the part where when once I write away certain things about my life, it makes it easier for me to leave it behind. Not necessarily to forget about them, but accept them as something of the past. My past. This whole strange growing up phase from a kid to a teen has been (and still is), well, strange.

So my first passion was art. I found some of my old drawings and damn, they're really ugly. Haha. Since I was, for a few months, interested in the Olsen Twins, I decided to draw them. I remember in school that I had a friend who brought a different Mary-Kate and Ashley book everyday. She never allowed me to read it so I what I did was borrow one from her for one hour and took every possible free time to draw what was on the book covers, even during lessons (yes, I was a child with such short-attention span). So basically these were my earliest and ugliest pencil portraits.
No, wait, I don't even know what they are.

The horror. Looks nothing like the actual pictures, and nothing like what portraits are supposed to look like, but I was 11 at that time if I remember correctly. There are like 5 booklets which I put together myself and they're all filled with drawings of these girls. But I had a good time thinking I was already SO good. :P

Besides art I used to write too. What was so interesting about writing was how I started, and I started by writing to pen friends. My first penpal was from Australia, she was introduced to me by her aunt, who at that time happened to be my mum's penpal too. From there I just started this whole penpal frenzy.. even in school. I looked for people to write to, whether it was an address in a penpals section of a magazine, or me signing up at this so-called penpal agency (whatever it was) to get people to write to me. I even wrote to a girl I met on Westlife's official chatroom. And we only chatted for 5 minutes.
Crazy. Here are some pictures from just one shoebox full of the letters I got all those times. I have two more boxes full of them.

Irish Pikachu. Hehe. I was so happy to have known someone from Ireland. Too bad he stopped writing to me, but it was great while it lasted.

Speaking of writing.. I found the poem that I wrote for my late dad. I sent it to Poetry.Com which I completely should never have. Why I thought I was good was when they told me that they were going to publish it. But what I didn't know - big mistake - was that they were one of those vanity press. They'd publish anything (and I mean, anything even if my poem had been about green eggs and ham), and instead of them paying me for it, I was the one who had to pay for a copy of the anthology (?!) just so I could see my poem printed. It was not even worth it. Embarrassing, yes, but I know better now, so this is going to the past. Huge lesson learned.

Nice title. Bad, bad, anthology. My poem does not belong in a bad anthology.

Moving on.
I checked the lower part of my drawer and I found something my dad and I worked on together back in 1998. It was a school project for English and everyone had to write a report about someone important from the past. We were given a list of choices and I chose this particular person to write about: Hippocrates. Strange name, but very interesting man. And I remember that I once aspired to be a doctor, so I was very interested in everything medicine. This was the last thing my dad and I researched and worked on together. Very good memories.

So then I looked at the pile of CDs I stored right at the back of my book shelf. I had a lot of Westlife CDs. Well being 13 and so into the whole boyband thing, you couldn't really blame me. Back then I thought their songs were great. Well their fans thought their songs were great. They themselves thought what they did was great. But honestly, looking back at everything... it's kinda... sad. Haha. I don't even know if that's the word. A few days ago I saw an article in the papers about the guys and they've really grown so much. They're just a group of singers now, they said it themselves. And I.. I could just remember how crazy I used to be.

This is not even half of what I found. M2M was a band who I grew up listening to as well. I'm just glad I liked their music because that little interest had lead me a long way. Trust me. Oh and if you were wondering how crazy about these bands I used to be, I spent 5 hours in my room making this impossible pop-up card for the press just so I could get tickets to their showcase (which I did). And I waited 10 hours in line just to get a glimpse of M2M, and to get my CD signed. Okay maybe there are other fans who are crazier, but I'm just not that vicious. But look at this:

Brian's boarding pass from when the band was in town. A friend gave it to me. It's an actual boarding pass alright, but I doubt it's the actual copy. It could've been a reprint, and I found it in between some old folders. How amusing...

So... That's what I did today after I've got nothing better to do, after I've sold my first item on eBay, after I did all the housework. And now... now I'm hungry.

Back to the present.

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