12 September 2005

Perfect Day

Bless thee father sky for you have granted us rain! Keep it up and I won't complain. Oh we are so coming to the end of the year. And that means more rain.

The morning was good. I looked forward to hearing from Michael again.. and soon after that the day was set to turn out right. Real magic. Sleep was good too. The family gathering we had the night before was pretty hectic. There I felt somewhat alienated. Well, as always. Or maybe it's just because I wasn't so traditional with my clothes. Which to them could've been slightly (or over) unacceptable. Either way, I was happy to have seen both my grandmothers. And also the little ones. When they smile happy things happen.

The afternoon. I think I was bored. I was thinking about driving lessons again. Still trying to buck up. I was frustrated because I don't get it - the course structure. Why is it so confusing? Anyway I don't think I wanna talk about that since tomorrow I will have the whole day to read and remember a lot of information. Let's just hope my passing mark goes beyond 70% this time.
And it's funny. It never crossed my mind this whole driving thing since my hand-eye coordination is nought. But when I look at the thousands of cars on the road, I wonder why the hell am I making a huge fuss of this when all these people have gone through the same thing? Hah. This shall be over and done with. Oh yeah I remember, I drove a go-kart before. Stupid thing. Without my glasses. At night. Failed attempt at suicide I guess.

So.. tonight I feel really good. Time to go.

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  1. I'm the oldest one in my grade and still can't drive.

    Suzy = LOSER.

    = D