06 September 2005

The World's Getting Old

Hmm... September.
I think I'd be so much happier in a place where it gets cooler instead of warmer. The stand fan broke, and it's actually my fault because I knew it would come lose, but still I put it to oscillate - full blast.


I think I'm coming down with a cold. Or maybe fever. I guess it's the nap I took this evening. Ruined my sleep again. No idea why I'm strangely sleepy these days. Should be the late nights spent chatting with friends. If we had talked about something meaningful then I'd say that it's worth staying up late. Mostly we talk about our well-being, or songs, school, relationships, life, or what we had done that day. Maybe that's meaningful in some way. Then it would also be fun to have a laugh or two.
The best medicine.

I'm still doing the same things in the mornings. Wake up, put on my face, grab a bottle of water, get comfy on the couch, and read the papers. Still the same stories about protests, and crimes, and people blowing (themselves) up. But... I suppose you noticed the series of plane crashes happening nowadays. I find that interesting. Seems to me like it's a sign. Or.. maybe not. Maybe it's just fate.
Or... a few clumsy moments.

Then there's Katrina.
Seeing pictures of what it left behind... it's bad. I don't think the chaos will stop soon. Just glad that the ones who made it through, made it through. And I hope they know that they still can.

So the world is getting old.

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