20 August 2005

To Myself

I have this habit of writing in bed. Writing before I fall asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep without finishing my sentences and when I wake up I'd see faint little wobbly lines on the paper (or bed sheet). Or, I wake up three times in the night and everytime I do, I continue writing until I come dozing off again. The light stays on.

Now I'm up early. Not sure if it's just nerves since it's my first driving lesson today, or if I'm just having the same old trouble sleeping.
I'm still a little tired and I tend to forget what day it is. Maybe I'm spending too much time minding my own business. Perhaps I've limited myself to these four walls.


  1. Writing involves too much thinking for me. I could never go to sleep thinking and moving so much :)

    and don't worry, I talk to myself ALL the time :P

  2. It is fun... muhaha.. :P