13 August 2005

My Day

I appreciate so many things right now - Mother earth, my family, my friends, my life, and my other half. There was a series of fortunate events, not too big, but big enough to prove that they were not even close to coincidences.
Yup. Yesterday was my day. Birthday. A very good day. And to have heard a little 'hi' from him knowing that he's okay made the day even more complete (even if I'm utterly exhausted as I'm writing this).

It was so good to see some people again after so long. The little ones especially - my cousins - and my grandparents as well. Somehow it felt like I had so much that I was hiding. Something they have not the slightest idea about. Too beautiful to explain, too beautiful to show, just too strange and beautiful. It felt different like I was someone new to them. Or perhaps I was only too... lost and happy. Hehe.

Anyway, I had cake - a very nice one. I'm sure the kids enjoyed their share. They kept coming back for more. Haha.
I got candles too. Scented ones. They're nice. It was a candle-holder that I've been wanting these past couple of days and I got that too.
Then there's another thing that's yet to arrive. A little note from a special someone who lives so far away, yet he's close. Nothing stops putting a smile on my face these days... and what can I say? I'm thankful for every second of it.